Friday, June 22, 2012

Bloom Day, Pt 3, preview of things to come

I've split up my Garden Blogger's Bloom Day post for June because there was just so much in bloom it was too many photos for one post (that and I'm actually not here -- these posts are going off on a schedule, hopefully!)
To finish up, here are a couple blooms I really did not expect to see in June.  Asters?!?!?  Only a few blooms, but I have never seen asters in June before.
And these mistflowers, Eupatorium coelestinum: I've had these for several years and they always bloom in August for me.  I know this has been an unusually warm wet year, but has anyone else had blooms in June from normally very late blooming plants like this?


  1. I have mums already! It's crazy.

    1. Oh, yeah, mums in June. I've had that in the past and it drove me crazy. I think some of the mums you buy fully budded or in bloom in the fall have really had their internal clocks messed with in nursery production. They'll survive winter and come back and bloom again but you can never predict when it will be.