Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ladybug - Macro Monday

I really enjoy "bugs" in the garden.  While I like taking pictures of flowers, insects and spiders are my favorite macro subjects.  So I was very happy to see my first ladybug of the spring.  I find it a little difficult sometimes to get good photos of small moving subjects, and I realized last summer that I was going through a phase where I was very focused on the technical aspects and consequently producing images that are nice but not particularly compelling.  To try to get out of this rut, late last summer I started trying to really consider color, both in the main subject and the background in insect macro shots.  This ladybug caught my eye when it landed briefly on a purple deadnettle (lawn weed) near sunset.  The reddish purple hue of the deadnettle makes an unusual and intriguing color combination with the ladybug's cheerful red, I think.

Today I'm playing along on Macro Monday, hosted by Lisa's Chaos.  Check it out to see some other cool bugs, and lots of other macro subjects.