Saturday, February 4, 2012

What does a groundhog know, anyway?

Daffodil, probably "Carlton"
A few days ago was Groundhog's Day and Punxsutawny Phil got spooked by his shadow again, the wimp.  So apparently we're in for another six weeks of winter.  I probably can't complain since it doesn't seem like we've had much winter at all so far.  Even though it hasn't been too cold, though, I miss having lots of flowers and growth in the garden.  So, despite not being nearly as fed up with winter as I would normally be at this time of year, I was very excited to see the first daffodil of "spring" in my garden.  The flower bud was fat and fully colored already early on Wednesday morning when I had to leave town for a few days, so I expect it first bloomed on that day, February 1.  That's the earliest I recall having daffodil blooms (except for winter-blooming paperwhites) but it's only a couple weeks early and it looks like the rest in the clump will be closer to the normal schedule.  Still, as a harbinger of spring, this bloom is more than welcome in my garden.

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  1. We have been warm here in upstate NY, but it's getting colder again..