Monday, January 30, 2012

Macro Monday - Make a Wish!

     Today I'm joining Lisa's Chaos for Macro Monday.  I found this backlit dandelion seedhead so I had to shoot it.  Only problem is, I'm not sure which version I like best.  Maybe this one ...
     But in this one, you can see right into the inside, and I think that's cool too.
     This is another dandelion that has lost a lot of its fuzz, but that makes it easier to see individual filaments.
     Yes, I leave dandelions in my garden.  There's not much else blooming in January.  It was an unseasonably delightful 57 degrees on Saturday with bright warm sun (and how lucky to get it on a weekend!)  On days like those, there might be some active bees or butterflies who are going to need a snack.  I like the jolt of color myself, too.  And finally, you never know when you might need to make a wish.  Here's wishing you light and warmth wherever you are.


  1. Yes, please! Love this! Thanks for the smile this morning :-)

  2. Wonderful details and tones in these images.

    Happy MM!

  3. Excellent macro shots with great detail and lighting.